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shaka0070 -> RE: 550-Verification failed (22.Jun.2004 10:36:00 PM)

I thought I posted the resolution here, but I guess I didnt.

Anyway, the problem was resolved by modifying my MX records. I had my MX record pointing to the ip address for the box, rather than refereencing another "A" record which then pointed to the ip.

Once I did that, it fixed the problem with *nix machines not wanting to cooperate.

anthonypost -> RE: 550-Verification failed (29.Jun.2004 3:31:00 PM)

Another thing you can do is change the Fully Qualified Domain Name on your Default SMTP Virtual Server.

By default, Exchange makes the FQDN your computers FQDN on the LAN, in my case it was servername.domain.local so when we sent mail to some domains they would refuse it because during the HELO the domain that replied was not the same as the domain on the senders email address (.local and not .com). This made the server think that the email my have been relayed or spoofed, which most spammers do, so it rejected it. By changing the FQDN on your default SMTP Virtual Server to have the same suffix as your email addresses it fixes this issue.

Ricky -> RE: 550-Verification failed (30.Jun.2004 3:13:00 PM)

Great sounds like this one is resolved [Smile]


VanExchange -> RE: 550-Verification failed (1.Nov.2004 6:13:00 PM)

I am receiving the message "550 Sender verify failed". I am running Exchange Server 5.5 SP 4 and all of sudden when I send e-mails to only specific domains I get the above message. Any ideas anyone what the issue is here. I know its not to do with Open Relay, so what could it be when I know I am not experiencing a DNS issue either.


Ann Roberts -> RE: 550-Verification failed (5.Jan.2005 4:09:00 PM)

I have a business colleague in the states who is trying to send me emails and she keeps getting the following message:

The following addresses had delivery problems:
> <>
> Permanent Failure: 550-Verification_failed_for_<>
> Delivery last attempted at Thu, 30 Dec 2004 15:51:52 -0000

All other emails are getting through Ok. How can we sort this out?

Many thanks


webchamps -> RE: 550-Verification failed (11.Nov.2005 3:56:25 PM)

I too am having this problem, running Exchange 2003 on Small Business Server 2003.

I have a variety of people who tell me they cant send to me, but unfortunately I have yet to get back an explicit erro message that they got.

However when I try to send to a particular person who CAN send to me, I get this error

There was a SMTP communication problem with the recipient's email server. Please contact your system administrator.
< #5.5.0 smtp;550-Verification failed for> replaces my real domain name and email address to avoid junk mail.

Ouch, I just saw that after I first read this thread, there were a couple of other responses, FQDN, and DNS issues, I think both apply to me, so I will fix them and see what happens.

David W

hfourie -> RE: 550-Verification failed (5.Dec.2005 4:50:07 PM)

Hi Guys,

Hope you will be able to help. I am getting these as well. 550 Sender Verify Failed.
I ahve chaked DNS as well as FQDN. All fine. Still getting the problem. I thought it was only one domain, now another one has popped up. Same error though. THIS IS DOING MY HEAD IN, PLS HELP.!!!!!!


entranced -> RE: 550-Verification failed (17.Mar.2006 2:54:37 AM)

Having the same problem here ...

1. I changed my server's FQDN from the AD name "mail.domain.local" to "" (names modified to protect the innocent).

2. I do have an issue with DNS in that the MX record does point to the correct IP address (per *but* a ping to returns the IP of  As this is all currently outsourced, I'll have to have my director contact marketing to get this fixed (I hate the hierarchy of it all).  Also, dnsstuff reports the following:

NOTE: One or more CNAMEs were encountered. is really

I'll report back results when the MX record is fixed.

AdminFix -> RE: 550-Verification failed (18.Mar.2006 12:57:45 AM)

This issue is usually caused when you have a POSTFIX or Exim server on the other end. They have a known compatibility issue as explained by some here. The best way to get this resolved is to speak to the other admin to make the adjustments in Postfix/Exim. It is not an issue with Exchange Server and has nothing to do with *nix-MS conflicts.

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