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somanyquestions -> Help?!?! The usual: Not receiving email... (15.Jan.2004 11:46:00 PM)

Here is the scenario:

I am using DYNDNS.ORG to resolve a domain name to my dynamic Ip address -

I have an excahange server 2003 set up, to handle the email.

I can email out just fine to any address I like. I can send and recieve internal email addresses:, and I am running Pop2Exchange to go out and grab my POP email from another email provider, and pass it along to Exchange. No problems there. but:

1) I can not receive any email from my hotmail account, or Exchange account at work, although I can send mail to them just fine.

2) my POP2Exchange works and is set up just fine, but it will keep downloading the mail each time it checks. I do not want the mail deleted off of the server, as I have two users on our domain that need to recieve email from this
external pop account. Is anyone aware of why this may be happening, and is there a better tool for doing this?

Thank you.

somanyquestions -> RE: Help?!?! The usual: Not receiving email... (16.Jan.2004 6:41:00 AM)

I have noticed that there is not a lot of support, or involvement here... Where else do you reccomend I go with my questions? If you read the questions here, so many are left unanswered, and there are so few posts to most questoins... Where do you all go to get your information? Thank you...

koggen -> RE: Help?!?! The usual: Not receiving email... (17.Jan.2004 3:02:00 AM)

Well, I'm sorry to hear you don't appreciate the service here. FYI, this is not a 24x7 support site, instead it's based on active participation. Most active people here started out by not only asking questions but also sharing their own information. Besides, the time frame 11:46 pm to 06:41 am is only 7 hours and not the whole world is on US time! I prefer to sleep during those hours.

Well, enough about that. It would help a lot if you could share some more information on how your dns domain is configured. Your inbound email is hosted by e.g. an ISP with a fixed ip for the receiving server, right? Have you checked that proper mx records exist for your domain? The normal behaviour for pop3 clients is to download the email, not leave it sticking. Eventually someone must download it since most pop3 accounts hosted by e.g. ISPs have a limit on space allocation. If other users need to download the same information it would perhaps be better to d/l all email to your server and then have those users acccess it from your server instead of the isp's server.

somanyquestions -> RE: Help?!?! The usual: Not receiving email... (18.Jan.2004 12:17:00 AM)

Thank You! I am discouraged as I have posted on Microsofts site as well, and I can't get a response anywhere.. I was not out to offend, I also just happen to notice that the threads here were never really completed with the results that people got from their help.. Enough of that here as well...

1) my dns domain is configured with Windows Server 2003 Enterprise running the DNS service. I have a dynamic IP coming into my business from the cable company. This IP is registered with a domain name from My dns is resolving just fine internally, and i can hit my websites, and ftp just fine from an external source. (Except I can't seem to hit my site externally through SSL for some reason, but that will be my NEXT question.. [Smile] . I have two domain names registered: and What else do I tell you? I do have two firewalls set up: A VPN-100 Symantec firewall appliance connected to the cable modem through the WAN. Then I am going out one of my ethernet ports on the VPN100 to the WAN port of a wireless router. The connection from the VPN to the wireless router are on a completely different subnet than my computers, which are talking to the wireless router. I really don't know if this is overkill, or not. I just really need to be safe from the outsite. I am soon going to be switching to ISA server with in the next few weeks.

2) That is a great point! I suppose I could tell my POP2Exchange application (Are you familiar with any of these applications that would allow me to keep my mail on their server? The reason is that right now things ara bit unstable, and I don't want to loose all that email. It is too important to our business to trust to our Exchange server at this point. I am still building, configuring, tweaking etc...) But if I tell the POP2Exchange to delete after checking, I think that will solve this problem, and delete the email off of the server, and keep it on exchange. Is it easy to back up the exchange mailboxes?

3) MX records are set up on my DNS server, and also at

4) I am confused about what you are asking about my email ISP etc. I have an MX record out in the world pointing to my domain name, which is a dynamic IP. My routers will automatically update the provider when/if the dynamic IP changes. I imagine there would be some sort of propogation timing issue there if that happened, but the dynamic IP rarely changes. Then on my server, I too have an MX record created. Does this answer your questions?

Thank you for your help!

koggen -> RE: Help?!?! The usual: Not receiving email... (18.Jan.2004 7:49:00 PM)

Okay, that's good general info:

1) First we need to make sure that your domains are registred correctly. Assuming you have and there must be appropriate MX records for both these domains. The simplest way to verify proper dns info is to make a dns query. I don't know which services provides, e.g. if you run the master records for the domain itself or if it's all handled by dyndns. Quick way to make sure that everything works is to use an external dns resolver. You can use any external dns server to run the commands:
server <insert ip or address of external resolver>
set type=mx

You should see your mail server listed here. You can also use a webservice as e.g. to check the "MX Record".

2) I haven't used any pop-downloaders for quite some time. I did use PopBeamer from which worked great. I don't know anything specifically about that "leave on server" setting though. Obviously you should make sure that you can use POP or IMAP from an external network to your own server before you make that switch. Or perhaps better, start using OWA.

3) Depending on your domain's setup at you won't need to have a dns server of your own. Either post your full domain name here or send me a private message with the details and I can run some basic checks for you.

4) You are right about the propagation issue, it can cause problems. But since you say you don't change ip that very often it shouldn't be that big a problem.

Basically, in order to receive email on your server you must make sure that the rest of the world can resolve mx records for your domain, i.e. where to send email to your server. You must make sure that the dyndns-service updates correctly, you must make sure that your firewall setup allows inbound traffic on port 25/tcp to your exchange server and you must make sure the exchange server is configured with the appropriate recipient policys.

Use external dns lookups to review your dns setup. Run a telnet test to the ip of your firewall to make sure that port 25/tcp is accessible (run tests from an external network!). Run telnet tests again to make sure local delivery is configured once email passes through your system. Also, be aware that several large internet providers can (and do) block smtp connections to and from other certain networks. The telnet tests should give you straight answers though. Let me know if you need help running these test (they are described frequently here in forum posts but I couldn't come up with a link right now).

// Johan

koggen -> RE: Help?!?! The usual: Not receiving email... (19.Jan.2004 9:40:00 PM)

somanyquestions, check your private messages for more info.

somanyquestions -> RE: Help?!?! The usual: Not receiving email... (20.Jan.2004 6:26:00 AM)

So... HEre is the latest: I changed some settings in my SMTP and POP3 virtual server properties and it now works. I think I have the idea backwards on security, I think I was too tight. That and the firewall got straighteded out, so I can now receive email from everywhere! Thank you!

On to the next question or two or three... [Smile]

1) I have a .pst folder that sits on my computer, and it is full of important email. I am now only using one email account, and that is the exchange account. The mail is being sent to the same .pst folder I was using pre-exchange. I used to connect directly to my POP3 provider for this email, but now I have exchange grab it and send it to me. How do I get all my previous emails "into" Exchange for a back up, and also so that when I check via the web, I can see all the preexisting emails? I know this is confusing...

2) I also have a ton of contacts in my pre-exchange .pst file that I need to get into Exchange. How do I do this?

Thank you!

koggen -> RE: Help?!?! The usual: Not receiving email... (20.Jan.2004 12:34:00 PM)

Good, the smtp reply from your server looks alright now!

To change delivery of new email open up Outlook and go to Tools->Email accounts. Choose modify settings. There's an option called something like "Deliver new email to the following location". Change that to the name of your Exchange mailbox. That will prevent Outlook from storing new email in your pst file. After that open up the folder view in Outlook and close the previous pst file (right-click and choose close). Then you can choose to import the information from the pst file to the Exchange mailbox instead. That will import email, calendar, contacts etc. Use the Import/Export option in Outlook.

somanyquestions -> RE: Help?!?! The usual: Not receiving email... (22.Jan.2004 5:03:00 AM)

I don't know if you know this or not, but I sent you a PM...

My biggest thing right now is getting addresses into the global address list? How do I do this? I have a ton of contacts in my .pst file that I need to somehow migrate to the global address list...

Also, does anyone know if you can GHOST a Windows 2003 server enterprise, with Exchange server 2003 Enterprise? I can't find any info on this at all..

koggen -> RE: Help?!?! The usual: Not receiving email... (22.Jan.2004 10:45:00 AM)

Just replied to your PM.

Depending on how you want to use your contacts you can do this in two ways; either create a public folder for contacts on your server and just drap-and-copy contacts from your pst file there. Then make any users that need to use that PF as contacts right-click, choose Properties->Outlook address tab and enable the "Show this folder as an address book". When you create a new email and click to: you can then choose between contacts in the GAL, the individual user's own contacts and the contacts in the PF.

If you instead want to create Contacts in the AD Users and Computers you should take a look at the following KB article;en-us;327620.

Sorry, don't have any experience at all on GHOST.

somanyquestions -> RE: Help?!?! The usual: Not receiving email... (5.Feb.2004 4:56:00 AM)

Thank you. At this point, I am ok. But I will have some questions coming about public folders. I think that currently I am still playing catch up.

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