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RE: Cannot send mail to certain domains

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RE: Cannot send mail to certain domains - 10.Feb.2005 4:39:00 AM   
Thank you, thank you. I just came across these same issues today at a client site. Thanks to your comments, the problem was resolved. I just need to change the DNS information within the SMTP properties.

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RE: Cannot send mail to certain domains - 12.Feb.2005 6:44:00 PM   


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I would check if PIX has the mailguard feature enabled as per http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;320027
Then you can try to send a message through Telnet to aol.com from your exchange server. But make sure that you are able to finish the session (deliver the message to a valid mailbox that you can check). You can also enable SMTP logging and look for this piece of the communication.
The NDR that you got is normal - 4.3.2 Message was manually deleted from the queue by an Exchange administrator.

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RE: Cannot send mail to certain domains - 18.Feb.2005 11:21:00 PM   
Same error here, same symptoms. Except our domains were aol and hotmail. The only thing we had to do was disable the associated Symantec AV settings and we were good to go.

I'm inquiring with Symantec now.

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RE: Cannot send mail to certain domains - 21.Feb.2005 11:01:00 AM   


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I had a similar problem last week. Mail was going out to all other address except the head office domain. I tried the external DNS, and a few of the other suggestions. My last port of call was to the ISP, who said they had heard of this problem. They gave me a smarthost FQDN which I entered into the SMTP Connectors properties and mail came flooding through (300 email all at once, the server was not happy [Wink] ).

It worked though. Anybody else having a problem ring your ISP and ask for a smarthost.

It's a workaround, but MS need to get this fixed.

Thanks for your help!

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RE: Cannot send mail to certain domains - 21.Feb.2005 12:52:00 PM   
Exactly the same as Scotty_D 21,2004 04:04 PM
If I remove the MX record of a non responding server, the email went out immediately.
I'm searching the patch.


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RE: Cannot send mail to certain domains - 16.Mar.2005 12:01:00 AM   
For those of you using a PIX, you might want to check the DNS fixup. Apparently there are some cases where EDNS0 requests can exceed 512 bytes which will cause them to be truncated by the PIX. If you set the maximum payload length to something larger it may solve your problem. I set our DNS fixup as follows:

fixup protocol dns maximum-length 768

768 may or may not be the most ideal length but so far its working. Prior to this change I was seeing a large number of improperly formated DNS responses in the event viewer. Now I don't see any.

Hope this helps...

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RE: Cannot send mail to certain domains - 22.Mar.2005 8:23:00 PM   


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From: Santa Rosa, CA
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Sure glad I found this forum. Same problem. After reading all three pages in this thread, I went back and checked Syamantec AV client settings on the Exchange server. I hadn't thought of looking at this because all had been working Ok. Sure enough, Internet email and Exchange checking were ENABLED! Sheesh.

I would swear that the AV software changed itself! After disabling these two settings, my queues cleared and everything is working great!

In the process of troubleshooting this problem, I found another. By turning on diagnostics logging for SMTP, I found an error - "Helo command rejected: Host not found." Turns out I had the internal server name as the FQDN in the SMTP configuration. Jack of all trades, master of ... well, certainly not Exchange.

Thanks for all the entries in the forum.


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RE: Cannot send mail to certain domains - 23.Mar.2005 10:08:00 AM   


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From: Eritrea
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HI all thankyou for your help on this annoying prob. I was not able to sen to (yahoo,aol and some other domains) but thanks to you guys i used the suggestion given by most of you to use my ISP's Mail Relai Server which is found SYSTEM MANAGER>CONNECTORS>YOURSERVERNAME Properties>On GENERAL Tab look for an option says FORWORD ALL MAIL THROUGH THIS CONNECTORTO THE FOLLOWING SMART HOST>In the Field Specified Type YOUR ISP's Mail Relay Server Name Or Ip address.
Cheers, and thank you for your help

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RE: Cannot send mail to certain domains - 28.Mar.2005 6:29:00 PM   
Norton was my issue as well. It was scanning the inetsrv\mailroot folder and this was causing the problem.


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RE: Cannot send mail to certain domains - 4.Apr.2005 3:59:00 PM   
My problem has returned. It was fixed that day, but appeared a few days later. I'm currently trying some of the other suggestions.

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RE: Cannot send mail to certain domains - 6.Apr.2005 2:23:00 AM   
I could not send emails to Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, and a few other popular domains.

I run Exch 2003 and my smarthost is Symantec SMTP gateway.

Here was my fix.

On the SMTP gateway server, I had BOTH the Symantec SMTP Gateway software installed, AND Symantec Antivirus Corp Ed Client. Once i stopped the Symantec Antivirus Corp Ed Client service on the SMTP Gateway server, my problems went away.

The SMTP gateway service still runs, and protects/filters the mail, which is all i care about. The server itself may be vulnerable to virus attack though, since no antivirus client is running to protect it now.

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RE: Cannot send mail to certain domains - 12.Apr.2005 5:31:00 PM   
ok, i have tried everything posted here aside from reloading and it doesnt work. Here is my situation.

I need to send mail to this domain.

i get Delay bounce backs from exchange and then i get this

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

Subject: Test message
Sent: 4/7/2005 9:44 AM

The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

XXXX@criffel-enterprises.co.uk on 4/9/2005 9:50 AM
Could not deliver the message in the time limit specified. Please retry or contact your administrator.
<mail2.domain.com #4.4.7>

I am using telus as our ISP here.

I have the following DNS and IP Entries in my SMTP Virtual External DNS list (resolves to smtp.telus.net) (resloves to mail.telus.net) (Telus DNS) (Telus DNS) (Telus DNS) (Telus DNS) (Local DNS)

I have tried the order in as many ways as i can think of. But that is the order they are in now.

Also, when i use our "Default" Telus account, the one you get when you sign up and they email your bills to, i can send to this problem domain with out any problems. Goes through instantly.

Now, i also have 2 ISP's here. Shaw Cable is my other ISP.

Will i run into problems if i use thier DNS? or is it possible?. If i have SHAW's DNS set as the dns for the Exchange Server it should work right? .....ugh. Dont want to @#$@# anything up so i havent tried that yet.

Mail is a huge part of the business that goes on here so things like rebooting the server are out of the Question. As would be screwing up the exchange server by switching to SHAW dns.

i am at a loss.

HELP!. [Smile]



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RE: Cannot send mail to certain domains - 12.Apr.2005 5:34:00 PM   
Wouldnt let me edit my post above as i have not yet registered.

The "default" mail that i talked about working.

was from the webmail.telus.net website. From thier it worked fine.

I had telus on the phone while i was trying this, and they said.

"Well it works from out side, it must be something wrong with your exchange Server, and we dont support them. Thanks for calling Telus, "click""

ugh. ... i was chocked.


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RE: Cannot send mail to certain domains - 13.Apr.2005 2:51:00 PM   


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From: Maryland, USA
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We are experiencing the same problems sited above; we are able to send E-mail to most domains except every once in a while we run across a domain that we are unable to send mail to . . .

I have tried adding the external DNS servers to the SMTP Virtual Server as stated above and have turned off Norton AV on our Exchange machine (neither fixed the problem)

When I contacted Comcast and asked for the address to a "resolver" server they told me that a resolver server was the same as a DNS server. Based on the previous posts, I believe there is a difference (although I don't know the difference).

Can someone explain to me how to communicate to Comcast in terms they will understand? Are there any other names for a "resolver"?


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RE: Cannot send mail to certain domains - 17.Apr.2005 4:54:00 PM   
I found this thread and I think I am suffering from the same type of thing.

I installed W2k3 server SP1 yesterday and upon running some delivery tests I find that I can't send to certain domains. Funny thing is, I can send via my home pop account but not from my office account (outlook & exchange).

Receiving seems to be no problem since the spammers are doing quite well today even with GFI working overtime.

I've tried many of the fixes above but have had no luck so far. The exchange server looks like this;

Windows server 2003 now with SP1
Exchange 2003 SP1
McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise 7.1.0

I am behind a Sonicwall tele3sp firewall but nothing has changed there in months.

Any new help would be appreciated! This will teach me to upgrade or dick around with something that's not broken... Thanks.

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RE: Cannot send mail to certain domains - 18.Apr.2005 11:11:00 PM   
Out of curiosity, I wonder how many people that are having this problem are also using an email signature?

Why? Because that appears to be the issue I am having. I have gone crazy trying to figure this out and the only thing that is consistent with the non deliveries is my email sig.

If I send to my hotmail, nothing gets there. No ndr, nothing. I have my email set as a trusted domain and I have the lowest spam setting possible. I seem to be able to send parts of the signature but when I try to send any email with the whole thing, it just disappears.


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RE: Cannot send mail to certain domains - 19.Apr.2005 2:36:00 PM   
I have similer issues, one user cannot send to his own email account or to Bunker hill, But I can without any issue, Message tracking tells me mail went out, Bunker Hill returns the message "Transaction Failed" Comcast goes into limbo. Added External DNS and turned off NAV, still failed. Also I have another user that cannot relpy to one person, they can send 1 email ok but cannot reply. All this started after upgrading to Win2k and Exchange 2003, MS has no answear as of yet. If you have not upgraded DO NOT 2k3 SUCKS

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RE: Cannot send mail to certain domains - 19.Apr.2005 7:53:00 PM   
I just found a user that could not send to a particular outside address, turns out there is a problem with the user's client, he was using Windows 2k with Office 2k, moved to a Win XP with Office XP and the problem is solved, MS does not know why. Thats part one will keep you posted on all the other issues if we get an answear

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RE: Cannot send mail to certain domains - 21.Apr.2005 11:55:00 PM   
Just thought I would add in my 2 cents without really reading through everything here. I found my problem had to do with hellsouth's DNS server having extremely long TTL's - the problem domain had changed their mail server over 3 months ago from x.x.x.4 to x.x.x.44 - bellsouth still hadnt updated it. as a result - using them as forwarders we were getting bad dns info.


Rtheriot at spirenet dot com

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RE: Cannot send mail to certain domains - 1.May2005 5:15:00 PM   
Thank you all very much, When I disabled the Symantec Anti virus for mail it worked like a charm.....this is really silly
please mail me if you find any solution for the Antivirus configuration

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