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lutiana -> RE: Cannot send mail to certain domains (27.Aug.2008 2:19:42 AM)

Okay, so I had this exact same issue, and I managed to resolve it.

Here is how I did it.

First I enabled SMTP logging for everything. After analyzing the logs I realized that the problem was that the other server was rejecting the EHLO command because my server was handing it the private name (xxxxx.xxxx.local) and this was not being resolved by the receiving server. So I logged onto their server via telnet and did it manually but I used our public domain after the EHLO. It worked.

So I went back to my exchange system manager -> Servers -> <servername> -> Protocols -> SMTP.
Right click Default SMTP Server and select Properties
Go to the Delivery Tab and select advanced.
Make sure that your public domain appears in both the Masquerade Domain and Fully Qualified domain name. Click Check DNS to make sure the domain is valid.
Click OK, OK

When I did this the email started going through just fine and when I look at the logs the correct EHLO command is being sent.

Hope this helps.

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