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cjonline -> publicdelegates (SOLVED) (21.Sep.2005 10:24:57 AM)

One of my users (user1) keeps receving meeting requests that were meant to be for another user (user2).

On inspection using ASDI, I noticed that the user1 name is present under the attribute  publicdelegatesBL of user2

When I try to remove user1 from this attribute I recieve an error message  "The attribute cannot be modified because it is owned by the system"

I have tried removing this both from my own PC (I have full Administrative rights for AD)  and tried removing it from the exchange server logged in as a domain adminstrator and still I cannot remove it..

can someone please help as user2 is the CEO of the company, which inturn is not good.


bej -> RE: publicdelegates (21.Sep.2005 10:28:23 AM)

Ask user2 to remove user1 as delegate in his Outlook.

cjonline -> RE: publicdelegates (21.Sep.2005 10:29:49 AM)

the strange thing is that he is not listed on the outlook client as a delegate..


bej -> RE: publicdelegates (21.Sep.2005 10:57:02 AM)

Check in AD if the user1 has been given any mailbox rights to user2.
Also check for hidden rules. Follow this article.

cjonline -> RE: publicdelegates (21.Sep.2005 11:04:07 AM)

thanks bej.

that was the problem!!


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