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Algernon62 -> Administrator Denied Full Access (24.Sep.2005 1:20:44 PM)

I have an Exchange 2000 server running and I need to restore some email messages that were deleted from a backup up tape. However when I try to restore to the mailbox I get an Access is denied error.

I looked in Active Directory Users and Computers under the Exchange Advanced tab Mail Box Rights and I noticed that the Administrator account is denied Full Access to the mailbox, The denied box is greyed out so I cannot change it, on the main Exchange Advanced page at the bottom it says Administrative Group: First Administrative Group, which I take it is where the permissions are being inheirited from.

I have dug through all of the security settings in Exchange System Manager and can find nothing in there that leads me to believe that the Administrator should be denied Full Access to the mailboxes.

Am I missing something here? Any help would be appreciated.

bej -> RE: Administrator Denied Full Access (27.Sep.2005 7:43:17 AM)

The Administrator deny access on all mailboxes is by design and for security reasons. You can change this on the Security tab on the Mailbox Store Properties.

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