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Iznogoud -> [Contacts]One list, multiple departments (4.Oct.2005 3:16:14 AM)

I have a question about contacts in Exchange 2003.
I wanna have one list of contacts like 1000 contacts. And i wanna create favorites for each department in the company.
So you got a list of 1000 contacts and each department has his own favorite selection of contacts. So if you need to change an adress you have to change it at one place.

I have tried a couple of things like making contacts in Active Directory but that is not the best way because the user wich will maintain the contacts information and does not have access to Active Directory. The next thing i have tried is making a new public folder. I have made some test contacts.
But the problem is i can't use filters or queries on it to have a selection of those 1000 contacts for each department.

Can you guys help me with this "problem". I think there is an easy solution but i don't see it.

mark@mvps.org -> RE: [Contacts]One list, multiple departments (11.Oct.2005 10:22:27 AM)

If you want to keep this down to a manageable level then you could use www.diditbetter.com for some server side jiggery pokery.
Each dept has their own folder and then you replicate the items to the other folders. Each dept keeps an instance of their own and the others can take a feed.
That's messy and I don't like it because it's fraught with admin intervention when something goes awry.

Is there any reason you can't create a number of OU's and assign permissions accordingly on who can update? You surely don't want a free-for-all going on?

Iznogoud -> RE: [Contacts]One list, multiple departments (12.Oct.2005 7:34:18 AM)

You can do this in 2 ways.

You make the contacts in Active Directory but the problem you get is that you cant see the adress, street, telephone fields in MS Outlook. At least i don't know how to get the AD contacts in Outlook.

Or you make a public folder and you create the contacts here. Now you got in Outlook a public folder where you can see the adress, street, telephone fields etc. and you can send e-mails to those contacts.

Only you can't put queries on a public folder as far as i know.

And if you send an e-mail and click on the field TO and select SEARCH you have limited options if you are searching in a public folder. If you search in an AD folder then you can search for company name etc.

I was searching for a way to get a list of the contacts in AD to get them in Outlook, but i still didn't find a solution.

I have read something about creating an adressbook in Exchange and putting there the contacts, but i don't know what they mean about that.

Or if you guys know how i can make a filter or query on a public folder i will be happy to ;)

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