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tgassett -> OWA to alternate e-mail (11.Oct.2005 4:45:49 PM)

This an Outlook Web Access question, so look at the entire post as dealing with access to OWA.

We are running Exchange 2000 in a multi-server Active Directory domain.  We are accepting mail for two domains.  domain1.com and domain2.com.  name@domain1.com is our primary e-mail.  We use a seperate user account to access the mail on the 2nd domain > name@domain2.com.  We are able to login to Outlook web access (have been doing this for 2 years) into the primary e-mail domain > name@domain1.com with no problems.  But when we try to login to the 2nd e-mail domain thru OWA using the alternate user account we get prompted for login credentials over and over again just like you do when the password is incorrect or you do not have the proper permissions.  We have reset the password and tried more than one user account, still no luck.  It makes no sense.  We can login as user1 with no problems but when we try to login using user2, we get the looping login prompts.  What difference would it make that user1's e-mail address is user1@domain1.com and user2's e-mail address is user2@domain2.com??  Please help with this problem as Windows/Exchange set the permissions and they have not been altered.

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