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anapthali -> Root Level Public Folder Problem (13.Oct.2005 11:42:14 AM)


We have a root level AD directory called  (Exchange 2003 & AD 2003)
We have another tree called (Also Exchange 2003 & AD 2003)
 Both directories have 1 exchange server each and they are in the same exchange Organization - same admin group.  The public folder root is located on a satellite link to the main office.  (Originally there was no other office!)  Whenever a client connects to the public folders -even if there is a replica on the exchange2 server (directory2) it still looks for the root level for authentication.  Sometimes we cannot connect to the root level as the satellite server goes out of range (Itís on a cruise ship).  Can I change the exchange2 server (the one on land) to never look for the root level?


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