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anil537 -> urgent help required (14.Oct.2005 12:30:33 AM)

Dear All,
                        I am facing a very strange problem. I have installed  microsft exchange server 2003 and it's working perfectly. When I check outlook web access locally it works, but When I try to access it from outside it opens the login screen and authenticates but at the time of displaying mailbox page, we receive error action cancelled the page your are looking is unavailable. We have sonic firewall tz172. We have implemented the rules and opened all the necessary ports, but I don't know why it's now working. Pls help me I am in big trouble. Thanks in advace.


abdulzis -> RE: urgent help required (17.Oct.2005 4:16:13 PM)

No ISA firewall is involved??

anil537 -> RE: urgent help required (18.Oct.2005 4:41:24 AM)

     We r not using isa instead of that we are using sonic firewall.


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