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mattu -> Outlook 2003 hangs in send/receive (30.Oct.2005 1:42:00 AM)

I've purchased MS exchange hosting through 1and1.com.  I've managed to set up my account and it works like a champ when using OWA.  However the connection via Outlook 2003 is not working as well.  Their exchange hosting service connects exclusively through RPC over HTTP.  I can configure Outlook to communicate with their server and send test messages.  However when I've tried several other operations in Outlook is gets hung in send/receive.  The message varies - "preparing to send/receive" never ends or "send/receive completed 33%" buy never gets beyond that.  The operations that seem to hang outlook are manually send/receive or copying items from an archive folder into the hosted inbox.  At this point the communications between Outlook and the server are completely hung.  I tried copying a large number of archive items into the hosted inbox - I can see that may of them made it to the server (via OWA) but they've just stopped being transmitted.  I can cancel the send/receive but everytime I now restart Outlook just gets hung as described above.

Of course I first tried communicating with the 1and1 helpdesk, but haven't gotten very far.  Their response is:

"If your outlook is hanging this is a local issue, you will need to reinstall outlook 2003 or troubleshoot the issue as to why it is hanging on your local system."

I don't believe I need to re-install Outlook to fix this, but I've had difficulty finding someone competent on their end to speak with.
Any suggestions from this community would be greatly appreciated.

mark@mvps.org -> RE: Outlook 2003 hangs in send/receive (31.Oct.2005 5:35:28 AM)

From what you've described I'd have to agree that this is a client, or a network issue.

You really do need to try another client and make sure that when you use OWA over HTTPS that all is well. If everything is fine using OWA thenit reinforces the client side issue. If you do end up with similar problems on OWA then you have ammo to go back to the hoster.

BeTaCam -> RE: Outlook 2003 hangs in send/receive (31.Oct.2005 6:07:19 AM)


This looks like the FE-BE communication is overloaded. This is not a N/w Issue. Click on the Mail icon on the right bootm (Toolbar icon) and hold the shift key. Choose connection status.

You will find that the issue is pointing to GC and waiting.

Contact the helpdesk, it's a server problem.



abdulzis -> RE: Outlook 2003 hangs in send/receive (31.Oct.2005 1:55:38 PM)

You might wanna try a netmon trace

mattu -> RE: Outlook 2003 hangs in send/receive (4.Nov.2005 8:52:45 AM)

Thanks for the reply.  I've taken a look at the connection status.

I've shared out a screen shot of it here: http://matt.uyttendaele.us/connectstatus.png

I didn't quite follow the rest of your post.  What is the GC and how does the info in the status window indicate that this is the issue?


jiambor -> RE: Outlook 2003 hangs in send/receive (4.Nov.2005 10:27:19 AM)

We have been setting users up on RPC over HTTPS and found that once we push up stuff from thier PSTs that it looks as if Outlook has become very useless.  Once the stuff is pushed it is now trying to cache.  We end up pushing all the objects into the mailbox, then walk away to let it sync.  Sometimes it does not sync completely or just stalls.  If it stalls, then we close Outlook, delete the ost file, restart Outlook, and walk away again.  Once you see that all folders are synced in the status bar then it will work fine from there.  I have yet to try this on our next user, but I have been wanting to disable the cache when first setting up the profile, push the objects up to the server, close Outlook, enable the cache and start Outlook.

mattu -> RE: Outlook 2003 hangs in send/receive (4.Nov.2005 12:20:30 PM)

Thanks.  This is what I've been doing.  Possibly after enough of these iterations I would get everything copied to the server.  Surely though this can't be the recommended practice?  The ISP I'm dealing with recommends using OWA to restore PST files. Is this perhaps because Outlook over HTTP has issues as you suggest?

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