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tolinrome -> OWA - HTTP 500 Internal Server Error (12.Nov.2005 9:56:46 PM)

I am unable to get into Outlook Web Access in Exchange
Server 2003. All the Exchange 2003 services start fine.

This is our setup:
We have 1 Exchange 2003 Server installed as Front End with SSL Certificate. We have another
Exchange Server Back End in a Cluster with all the mailboxes/Public
Folders on the backend server. All are running on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise SP1.
Exchanger Servers have SP2. OWA works fine on the backend servers no

We get the SSL login prompt ok, but then get the "HTTP 500 Internal Server Error". We
downloaded and performed every step in the
MS KB Article 823159 which addresses this issue but nothing has
resolved the problem. We've read almost every post on this problem and
cant seem to figure it out. I unmounted the mailboxes and remounted.
There is no DMZ, everything is on the same network and subnet and pingable. Remember backends are on a clustrer.

Any suggestions Please? THANKS!

consultOz -> RE: OWA - HTTP 500 Internal Server Error (12.Nov.2005 10:35:04 PM)

I am not sure if you guys have seen this
This problem is caused by some of the security enhancements that are included with Windows Server 2003 SP1.

In this scenario, when a user tries to access a mailbox by using Outlook Web Access, HTTP requests into the clustering API by impersonating the logged-on user. However, there have been security changes in Windows Server 2003 SP1. The security restrictions for the APIs that perform remote registry access have been changed. Therefore, the logon attempt is not successful.
did you guys applied the patch????


tolinrome -> RE: OWA - HTTP 500 Internal Server Error (12.Nov.2005 11:06:05 PM)

Hi Oz,

I did do all the steps in this post http://support.microsoft.com/kb/829167 and still nothing. Which at the end says, "This NTLM value must be removed from the NTAuthenticationProviders property." When I checked the value of it it isnt NTLM at all, it just says <String> ""   So I figure thats ok??? At least it doesnt say NTLM.

My goof, I thought the backend servers had SP1 installed on them but apparantly they dont, so Im not sure if this patch will apply. The article you suggested seems dead on what our problem is except for the SP1.

Thanks alot. I'll keep searching.

tolinrome -> RE: OWA - HTTP 500 Internal Server Error SOLVED! (15.Nov.2005 8:35:06 AM)

Well, we finally found the solution. On a Google message board someone wrote that you need to:

The solution is to copy  \Program Files\Exchsrvr\exchweb\6.5.7226.0 from the
back-end to the front-end server. It worked perfectly after we did this.

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