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dancegruv -> OWA cannot login (page refreshes) (14.Nov.2005 10:39:01 PM)

Hello friends,
I am having a problem with OWA. I can see the page when i try to login in the page simply refreshes. As if the user name and pass was worng. But i know i am right.
Also usually if its a case of invalinf user/pas you get an error which i am not seeing.

Any ideas?


npatang -> RE: OWA cannot login (page refreshes) (14.Nov.2005 11:40:25 PM)

Have you Enable Annoymous access on the Exchange VD under IIS. If yes try to disable it.
Please try to browse OWA from the Exchnage VD it self once.
Right click on OWA VDirectry and hit browse.

dancegruv -> RE: OWA cannot login (page refreshes) (14.Nov.2005 11:44:36 PM)

Thank you for the reponse.

Anonymous acces on exchange VD is disabeled.

dancegruv -> RE: OWA cannot login (page refreshes) (14.Nov.2005 11:54:33 PM)

Sitll nothing

question: should the public store and mailbox store b running on the front end?


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