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tmcginnis690 -> Hidden from Exchange Server (19.Nov.2005 12:17:57 AM)

I'm wondering if it is possible to send email on behalf of another user if the user that I wish to send mail on behalf of is hidden from the Exchange mailbox.  I don't want the user to be populated on the global address list, however I want to send emails "From:" that user.  However, when I hide him from the Exchange Server I recieve the error message that "I do not have permissions to send on behalf of this user".  I have already given myself permissions on the delivery options, security, exchange general, etc....
When I use the same procedure with the mailbox Unhidden from the Exchange Server I can send the message without any problem.  But the problem with not hidding it, is I can't hide it from the Global address list.  Which brings me to my issue. 
If anyone can offer some help, or thoughts that can get me thinking on th right track, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

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