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mohammed2006 -> Exchange Issue-Please read & give me your opinion (22.Nov.2005 8:22:47 AM)

Dear All,

I am New to the world of exchange.

While i am reading, the installation requirements, i red that its needs ( IIS ) to be installed on the Same Machine as the Exchange server will be installed.

And its using SMTP Which is Part of IIS to Send Mails to out Side.

I red in one E-mail before, i can use the IIS to Send E-mails to outside.

If so, can any one tell me How i can do that  ,  & then what is the usefule from using exchange server it self , as long as i have SMTP which is Part of IIS it self ?

2- is there anyway to install the IIS on another Exchange Server it self ?

Please some one try to help me , please

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