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ACL -> Cluster: Hanging MAD.EXE (23.Nov.2005 5:55:13 PM)

We've installed an Active \ Passive E2K3 cluster. Failover seems to work the first time the EVS is created or following a reboot but subsequent attempts to failover (using the "Move Group" option in Cluster Adminstrator) fail. This would appear to be due to the system attendant service (MAD.EXE) still running on the server that we are trying to move from i.e. mad.exe runs on both nodes. If I stop the mad.exe process using Task Manager the failover completes straight away, if not the System Attendant resource hangs - "Online Pending" in Cluster Administrator and the System Attendant service is shown as "Stopping" in the Services MMC.

This remains the case with both no service pack and SP2 installed. Has anyone seen this before? Thank you.
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