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dac -> OWA in INTRANET works ok but not from INTERNET - just browse (28.Nov.2005 3:01:22 PM)


First i want to let you know that i'm far for being an "expert" in this area; all i know is from what i read in some tutorials on how to install and configure OWA with Exchange 2000.

What is the issue:
1. The OWA works OK from intranet (accessing it with the link :http://'local_ip':82/exchange): the login appears (and works) then the ussual OWA interface is shown in browser - everything perfect!
2. When accessing it with the link http://www.'domain_name'.com/exchange) from intranet or internet, it appears the login (login works ok) then it just opens the OWA user folders (not the OWA ussual GUI as on point 1.) and i can browse to the logged-in user folder - just like for a FTP folder...

Why does not appear the OWA visual interface?

As you see the OWA site is running on port 82, i've done all the steps from tutorials for this: destinations sets, web publishing rule, authentication...

What do you think it is?
I think i'm so close to make it work... ! but stil it doesn't work no matter what i tried.

Please help & Thank you!

ps: if needed, i can give you further details on the settings used.

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