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ibster -> Exchange Error c1041721 (1.Dec.2005 12:10:16 PM)

Hi Guys,

we had a strange issue this morning on our Exchange 2003 server, users reported Outlook was down, i went in to System manager and receveied the error c1041721, the Information Store Service was unavailable.  I checked the service and it had started.  I tried restarting the service but it hung in a 'stopping' state.  I eventually rebooted the server and it came back up ok.  This has happended twice now and ive looked on the net cant find anything.

Has anyone had this before ? if so what did they do to resolve it, any other advice will be much appreciated


Henrik Walther -> RE: Exchange Error c1041721 (1.Dec.2005 4:59:53 PM)

Any interesting Event ID errors/warning in the Application log?

ibster -> RE: Exchange Error c1041721 (2.Dec.2005 12:55:09 PM)


thanks for replying,

ive been sifting throught the event logs all morning and cant see any real error messages,  i am getting a few Event 348, which is a message could not be virus scanned,

i also receiveed Event 1005 - 0xc1050000, exchange server is not available, i think this may have occured whilst i was trying to restart the IS Service.

I also can see lots of events in the Applcaition log stating that users are conneced, even at the time i couldnt launch outlook or access System Manager on the Exchange Server, very strange.  Apart from this i havent got much to go on.

ibster -> RE: Exchange Error c1041721 (14.Dec.2005 10:25:56 AM)

Weve had the server go down nearly every day now,  yesterday it happended when we were trying to mount a store in the RSG and today it happended as users were trying to log in.  Any other ideas ?

pderover -> RE: Exchange Error c1041721 (16.Dec.2005 11:47:22 PM)

Try increasing your Ex logging:
In esm in the properties of your exch server go to 'diagnostics logging' --> 'system' --> 'general' and set it to max. and restart IS.
Are any other services crashing?

jchong -> RE: Exchange Error c1041721 (17.Dec.2005 5:13:59 AM)

Something is causing your IS to hang. This could be a number of issues, such as long running transactions. What is your baseline performance? Is it already overutilized? You may need to run a dump of the store.exe process while it's in a hung state.

ibster -> RE: Exchange Error c1041721 (21.Dec.2005 10:30:16 AM)

thanks for your help,

we have also found that the problem occurs when trying to mount a Database in the Recovery Storage Group .

This morning when it happened, we found that the overnight backup for the exchange server had queued waiting for another tape,

we enabled Diagnostic logging on the the server and found that
it generated event 1173

Error 0xfffffd9a deleting unused restricted view from folder 1-15A04B2 on database "xxx Standard Users\xxx Users (H-M)". Microsoft Exchange Information Store will try to delete the view again at the next maintenance interval.

then event 1101

Error 0xfffffd9a occurred on message 1-C5A2AD during a background cleanup on database "xxx Standard Users\xxx Users (T-Z)".

then event 1025

An error occurred on database "xxx Standard Users\xxx Users (T-Z)".
 Function name or description of problem: EcGenerateNDR:
Error: 0xfffff9bf

then all users get 1022 when they try to logon

Logon Failure on database "xxxStandard Users\xxx Users (A-G)" - Windows 2000 account xxx\xxxd; mailbox /o=xxx/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=xxx
Error: -614

We have 2 stores and in one store we have 4 databases, and in the other store we have one for VIP users.  Users in VIP were not affected, but users in the other 4 which are in the same store were all affected.



sifu128 -> RE: Exchange Error c1041721 (23.Dec.2005 3:48:27 AM)

It sounds like you have some problems going on there. You can run isinteg against your mbx store to resolve the 1025 issues. The other error code 0xfffffd9a is a -614 :JET_errCheckpointDepthTooDeep. You can look at -> I would also make sure you do not have any outstanding backup jobs running against these stores that might have failed but not been killed.

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