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Niutek -> Exchnage 2003 IS nad MTA does not start (7.Dec.2005 7:00:32 PM)

Hi Everyone,

I am new on this forum. Soryy for my language, i will try write correct ;)
I have a problem with Ex2003 which is install in Ex5.5 organization. After instalation I can not start IS and MTA services. I have received error in EventLog:
Event ID 5000   MSExchangeIS
Unable to initialize the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service.   - Error 0xc004038a.

Event ID 9538   MSExchangeIS
Error 0xc004038a calling StrInitialize in REAPI.DLL.

Event ID 137    MSExchangeMTA
A fatal directory error occurred. Change to the maximum logging level for more details. [MTA MAIN BASE 1 12] (16)

Event ID 9405   MSExchangeMTA
An unexpected error has occurred which may cause the MTA to terminate.  Error: Init Routing API returned error -1073478774. [BASE MAIN BASE 1] (16)

Event ID 8213   MSExchangeFBPublish
System Attendant Service failed to create session for virtual machine XXXXXXXXX. The error number is 0xc1041721.

I can not find any way to fix this problems and i ask you for help.
Thank you for any informations which can help.


P.S. sorry for language ;)

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