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msadexchman -> Mixed Mode Public Folder Replication Issues (14.Dec.2005 4:23:28 AM)

We're in mixed mode 5.5 and Exch2003.  The Public Folder Hierarchy came over
to 2k3 Cluster no problem (using pfmigrate.wsf /s /t /a).  There are two
Exchange 5.5 Public Folder Servers.  The home server is ServerA and the
second is ServerB.

Since using pfmigrate, anytime new data is placed in a PF on the Exch2k3
cluster, I look into the Message Tracking logs and find the following:

The Source server (Exch2k3) cluster sends the replication email message to
the two 5.5 servers and for ServerB, it routes to the MTA and then onto the
5.5 Server no problem (according to tracking logs).

For the primary home server (servera), in the tracking logs, the message
leaves the categorizer, but then sits at:
"message queued for local delivery"


I don't get it, both servera and serverb are in the same 5.5 site and would
use the same routing methodology (i.e. MTA).  Way are these replication
emails being sent to one and not the other?  Problem is, the home server is
the one I need the data replicated to.


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