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wntcz -> Restore data from MDBDATA folder (19.Dec.2005 2:04:15 PM)

i have a problem with recovery data.

On the server there was Exchange 2003 Standard SP1, but it crashed and we
saved only data from MDBDATA folder.

New server is W2k3 with Exchange 2003 Enterprise SP1 (we don`t have an
installation media of standard edition at this time). Then i flagged new
databases as rewritable with restore, unmount and replace an *.edb
databases. Then, when i want to mount databases i get error message "An
internal processing error has occurred. try restarting Exchnage System
Manager or the Microsoft Exchange IS service, or both. ID no: c1041724." The
message in eventlog is "Error 0xfffffde4 starting databaze "First Storage
Group\Mailbox Store (ADASRV)" on the Microsoft Exchange Information Store".

So, what i`m doing wrong? (if possible, steb by step) Thank you.

J. Adamek

choppol -> RE: Restore data from MDBDATA folder (20.Dec.2005 5:02:11 AM)

Question, did you give it the same organisation name? Because if you did not exchange will not mount the database. If yes then you will need to run the eseutil /p, /d and isinteg on the database. Remember to delete all the logs because it will regenerate the logs again when it work again.

From memory it is wrong org name.

robortjack8 -> RE: Restore data from MDBDATA folder (16.Jul.2012 6:27:49 AM)

Dear friend,
You can try a third party data recovery software for restore a MDBDATA Folder there are so may software which can help you to restore data from corrupted mdb file one of them is Kernel for Access Database you can try it and download it from here

techinfo -> RE: Restore data from MDBDATA folder (17.Jul.2012 10:45:22 AM)

Generally, this error occurs if there is not enough free space on the disk where the database exist that you are trying to mount. Another possible cause of this error is corruption in Exchange database files which is stopping you from being mounting. So if the problem is space related, try to make some free space and perform offline defragmentation. If the problem is due to the corruption issue, try inbuilt ESEUTIL repair tools to fix the corruption. But keep in mind that after running these repair utilities, you may face some critical data loss situation.

In case above solutions do not work or you want to prevent data loss issue, then try a third party Exchange Server Recovery software. This application will help you to repair and rebuild the corrupt database items and after repairing the database, you can directly mount it to MS Exchange Server.

sentluis31 -> RE: Restore data from MDBDATA folder (20.Apr.2016 5:46:51 AM)

Users can also use EDB to PST migration application. This application quickly repairs corrupt Exchange EDB file and converts all information into PST file very securely. I would like to refer

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