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1995Huskers -> Help transfering roles/mailboxes between servers (30.Dec.2005 10:48:47 PM)

We currently have 5 servers in our exchange org:
Server1 FE
Server2 BE
Server3 BE
Server4 BE
Server5 BE
All the servers are running Window 2003 Server Standard SP1 and Exchange 2003 SP1.  Servers 2 through 5 are running Exchange 2003 on DC (I know that it is not best practices, but they are very small divsions)
What we are wanting to do is remove Exchange from Server2 and make Server1 a BE server.  This is because Server2 needs to be used for other roles and we need a dedicated Exchange server at that location.
So what is the best way to change a FE server to a BE server and then transfer the IS from Server2 to Server1?  Do I uninstall Exchange from Server1 and reinstall it as a BE server and then transfer the mailboxes?  I am aware that I will have to change all the users Outlook profiles to point to a new server, which is not a big deal of our size of org. 
Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if you need more info.  Thanks

terry712 -> RE: Help transfering roles/mailboxes between servers (31.Dec.2005 12:14:46 PM)

firstly i must point out that this is just my opinion as i am by no means an exchnage guru

exchange doesnt need to be reinstalled
is the server actually doing anything as a FE?

if so either decide if you need one and designate another or remove the need for it
really depends on your owa most likely or possibly the rpc over https if you are using this as the FE for this

change the role of server 1 to a BE - just remove the tick on it's properties
then you need to restart the exchnage services to reflect this change
it will tell you this

if you have deleted the mail store on this server then create a new one

move the mailboxes to other server - just use the mail box move wizard

you will not need to touch the clients
the server is still running exchange and will redirect the clients to the new host

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