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prof500 -> need help need help (2.Jan.2006 8:02:37 AM)

I have local domain with 2 domain controller and dns localy and  exchange installed in one of those domain controller I want to know how I can config my exchange2003 on domain controller ( local domain differnce than my internet domain-connection is leaseline with fix IP) my email -> RE: need help need help (2.Jan.2006 2:54:22 PM)

Not entirely sure I understand this question but here's something for you to check. In Exchange System Manager, drill down to Recipient Policies and edit the Policy that you see there.
I suspect it will say @domain.local.
You can quite simply edit that and change it to
Apply and exit out of it then right click and say update now. All email addresses will then change to be the new SMTP address (with no internal problems, before you ask)

You can then talk to your ISP who will be hosting the public facing and get them to create the necessary A and MX records.
You clearly need to open the firewall for SMTP (TCP 25) and then do port forwarding to your internal IP address of your Exchange server.

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