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ashok -> Changing password through owa (9.Jan.2006 8:35:52 PM)

Hi all,

I managed to enable the option so users can change their password using owa however when they click on the change password option the screen displays with the first character missing from their username.

I have never solved this problem so i thought i posted it here. Its is possible to auto fill the domain name, the username when the user clicks on the "Change password" button.

At the moment the username is already filled in automatically but like i said it misses out the first character. Strange!!

Any ideas?


la2em -> RE: Changing password through owa (9.Jan.2006 8:53:57 PM)

Can you please tell us how did you solve the problem of changing password on OWA?
I tried and i still dont know how to let users change their password using OWA at first login

Henrik Walther -> RE: Changing password through owa (9.Jan.2006 9:43:46 PM)

Microsoft has a HotFix which in most cases solves this problem.

FIX: You experience various problems when you use the Password Change pages in IIS 5.0:

ashok -> RE: Changing password through owa (10.Jan.2006 10:37:12 AM)


Thanks for the link, i'll check out this.


This is the article i used to enable the change password functionality. Q268419.



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