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gremlins -> Strange OWA, password change and SSL issue. (10.Jan.2006 6:51:41 PM)

Hello all,
Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have a 2k3 server with exhange running. OWA is the default website on it. We have SSL working. The strange thing is that when I login to OWA through https, I get an error message when trying to change my passowrd. The error message is:

Internet Service Manager
for Internet Information Server 6.0

Error: General access denied error

But if I login through http on OWA, then I have no problem changing the password. The change password page is an https at this time.

Any ideas what could be causing this problem? I really don't want to get my users to login to Outlook without SSL.


Henrik Walther -> RE: Strange OWA, password change and SSL issue. (10.Jan.2006 9:20:24 PM)

Did you follow below MS KB article when you enabled the OWA Change Password feature?

Using the Change Password feature with Outlook Web Access:;en-us;297121

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