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prashanth15 -> content violation (19.Jan.2006 4:41:11 AM)


Our company domain is
Exchange 2000 server+sp2 running om windows 2000+sp4 server.

The email seems to have been sent by one of the staff  to another recipient but this staff said that he had never sent out this email at all with the attachment. He has receive many complains from people he knows that have received such emails from him with such attachments but he did not send these emails at all. How is
it possible for the email with that email address to send an email
without the user's knowledge? Is there anything we can do about it? Pls advise.

Tested and mail server is not an open relay.

MAR -> RE: content violation (8.Feb.2006 3:08:32 PM)

Does the message contain an internet header?

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