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jonnygrim -> Importing EDB Files (23.Jan.2006 8:30:14 PM)


Im running SBS2003, my sbs2003 server crashed last week im not up and running but i need to import the data from the old private and public folders stored in the edb and stm files.  Can anyone help?

de.blackman -> RE: Importing EDB Files (24.Jan.2006 1:10:53 AM)

OK a couple of questions here:
1. Was the server installed with the same name?
2. Do you remember the name of the exchange Organization and administrative group before the crash?
3. Do you have the entire MDBDATA folder (including all transaction logs)?

jonnygrim -> RE: Importing EDB Files (24.Jan.2006 10:31:21 AM)


Thanks for your help.
1.  Yes the server has the same name
2.  I cant remember any of the exchange organisation or admn groups sorry
3.  Yes i ave the entire MBD Data folder.

Is there anything i can do?

de.blackman -> RE: Importing EDB Files (24.Jan.2006 4:11:06 PM)

Definitely but you have to install exchange with the same organization name and administrative group name. To find out what it was before go to a command prompt and change directory to the path to MDBDATA coontaining the old data. Type FIND /i "ou=" and you should see the name of the organization and AG. If you cannot figure it out, post the output here.

ruthqmiller -> RE: Importing EDB Files (30.Jun.2015 6:57:47 AM)

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