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nsorroll -> Incoming E-mail problem (28.Jan.2006 7:05:02 PM)


I have Exchange 2003 setup on Windows Server 2003 Small Business Edition.

I have setup Exchange exactly as the site tells me to.

However I can send E-mails to a hotmail account but cannot receive them. Any1 know y this is???
I have allowed SMTP on the firewall/router.


nsorroll -> RE: Incoming E-mail problem (29.Jan.2006 1:32:43 PM)


I have solved the incoming problem.
However, I cannot now send an E-mail out to say hotmail.
In the Email settings on the Server I have told it to use the domain smtp address.

Also, in the Receipent Policy settings I have selected my domain as the primary default and have checked the Exchange is responsibe box.

Any ideas???


khowlette -> RE: Incoming E-mail problem (30.Jan.2006 12:07:08 AM)


Can you send to other email address i.e. not hotmail addresses


kparazak -> RE: Incoming E-mail problem (19.Feb.2006 10:21:54 AM)


If you are hosting the exchange server behind a NAT/ Firewall, You have to configure port forwarding in the router, inorder to receivemail from the outside world.

you can visit the site for an explanation of portforwarding in your router.


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