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tj9 -> Multiple Mesages in account (9.Feb.2006 6:33:36 PM)

One of the accounts on the server retrieves multiples of every message. Outlook 2003 is the email client. The user has a exchange account and several POP accounts. Only one of the POP accounts duplicates the emails. Exchange is run in cached mode.

It seems to be connected to having multiple instances of the user logged on. Whenever he logs onto a different PC or is logged onto one when messages are received he gets a duplicates of all of his emails sent to the Outlook inbox for all of the Outlooks active at that time.

For example: If the laptop and the desktop are both logged on at the same time the desktop will be receiving 2 of every email.
If the user logs onto another desktop (Outlook loads up on start) the main desktop receives additional copies of all of the emails.

So, any suggestions?

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