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khale -> ADC with 3 seperate AD domains (13.Feb.2006 3:32:23 PM)

I have an Exchange 5.5 site running on W2K AD (Domain A). I also have 2 trusts to 2 other AD domains. (Domain A, Domain B, Domain C) They are all single DC's

In 5.5 the primary Windows NT account will use accounts from all 3 domains. Domain A is the domain that 5.5 is currently running.

I want to migrate/upgrade to Exchange 2000. I have setup a test lab to simulate what I need to do. When I setup the connection agreement for sync'ing accounts from 5.5 to domain b I get the following message.

"Unable to create the Connection Agreement. The Windows 2000 server must be in the same Active Directory forest as the selected Active Directory Connector Service. Change the Windows 2000 Server specified on the Connections page to a Domain Controler in the same forest.

ID no: c103aa3f
Microsoft Active Directory Connector Management

Am I missing something here?

Is it possible in Exchange 2000 to have mail accounts that are not in the same domain on the same server like we could in Exchange 5.5?

Thanks Again

Kelly Hale
ICS Systems, Inc.

pjhutch -> RE: ADC with 3 seperate AD domains (1.Mar.2006 2:05:58 PM)

You probaby need to set up two way trusts between the NT4 and 2000/2003 domains to do this.

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