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Ex72 -> Dilemma with request (17.Feb.2006 10:37:33 PM)

Hi guys,
I was wondering if you help and sort out some of the questions in my head.  There is too much going within me that I have not had the time to think logically.  It's all related to the SBS 2003 migration from NT legacy systems without the small network I support.
Here is the stuff I have to sort out.  We got our SBS 2003 Std CDs today but still waiting for the hardware to come.  It's good in some way 'cause it will give me some time to think and no pressure to get the unit up and running.  Anyways, the request is they want me to set up some sort of web server so that it could host web pages.  I know SBS 2003 have the ability to host Intranet, which is good.  I have not come across any excerpts in terms of what application SBS uses to get that functionality to work (IIS as the web server?).  My question is WHAT application does SBS use to host web pages.  What they want essentially is to launch this search database via web-base.  The one who is writing this program mention that he prefers the web server to support JSP (java server page) and said to look into stuff such as Resin or Tomcat.  

OK with all that said, would anyone explain to me briefly if the web server application within SBS server supports JSP and if I install Tomcat (whatever that is) would it work OK with the server?

Thank you and I apologize for being long-winded.



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