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Smokes -> Odd internet connection issue (19.Feb.2006 5:38:43 PM)

One of the companies we look after are running a small SBS 2003 network. Initially I configured the server for internet and email sharing using an existing ISDN TA, but they have since had Broadband installed.

Now the problem is that periodically (roughly every 5 mins) the server cannot connect to the internet. I've sat and watched it as it pings a website, then suddenly it will stop for a couple of minutes, then start pinging again! When the server stops getting a response I've pinged the same site on another machine and it works fine so there is definatley something not right with it. The line and ADSL connection have been tested and they are fine.

Any ideas?

Smokes -> RE: Odd internet connection issue (23.Feb.2006 9:01:15 PM)

After much messing around it looks as though there is a problem in the routing table but as I'm not that clued up on it I'm not sure how to get around this problem.
If I do a route print command when it goes pair shaped I get this odd entry


Notice the ffffffff entry under the interface with no gateway ip. I then do a route delete command to bin that entry and guess what happens???


The correct entry for the gateway and interface automatically gets created and the internet works fine until it happens again.
Any ideas as I'm stumped. It has all the lastest 2003 server, sbs 2003 and exchange service packs installed. When it was originally installed I used the internet and email connection wizard as it was using an ISDN terminal adapter to connect to the net but now its using an adsl router, and is reconfigured to use that. Could some setting be refreshing in the background to cause this issue?
Thanks for any help.

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