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maspitz -> New Messages Not Seen In Inbox (22.Feb.2006 4:36:33 PM)

Please note, this message should have been posted in the Exchange 2003 OWA forum and has since been moved there.  If the moderator would delete this thread, I would appreciate it.  Thanks.

Goodmorning All,

I will try to keep this post as short as possible.

I have a customer that has OWA access to their e-mail via VPN into the network.  The problem we are experiencing is that new e-mails are not reaching the OWA inbox (client is currently out of town so I cannot compare OWA to the actual Outlook application).  There are 26 messages currently posted and there are no updates since before noon last Friday.  The "Check for New Messages Button" seems to have no effect in updating the inbox. 

Here are some specifics:
- IE pop-up blocker is configured to allow pop-ups when connecting to the exchange server.
- The e-mail account receives large amounts of e-mail on a daily basis (inbox size limits in OWA?)
- Exchange is being used basically to share calendars not send and receive e-mails, but the outlook accounts are configured to use Exchange Server mailboxes and e-mails are left on the server.
- isoftworx is the e-mail service provider used to send and receive e-mail
- other accounts seem to be updating the inbox in OWA, but the amount of traffic in these accounts is significantly smaller.  Also, I haven't been able to confirm that the "Check for New Messages" button is working on the accounts that seem to have updated inboxes because nothing new appears although the OWA inbox matches the contents of the Outlook inbox.

I have searched the web and this forum and cannot find anything to address this problem.  If anyone has any suggestions, references, etc for me to look at or try, I would greatly appreciate it.


JoeyTMann -> RE: New Messages Not Seen In Inbox (22.Feb.2006 7:26:11 PM)

Is the view in OWA set to messages? That might be the problem...

maspitz -> RE: New Messages Not Seen In Inbox (22.Feb.2006 9:17:08 PM)

I've tried this in both the Message and Two-line Views of OWA.  Both views have the same result.  No new messages.

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