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elgaz -> Warning users of outgoing mail size (2.Mar.2006 10:45:37 AM)


I am an admin for a 160-user firm. We are running Exchange 2000 and it is in fairly standard mode, no other plugins to speak of.

We have a consistent problem with users sending overly large emails (20mb+). Although I could set strict limits on the size of outgoing mails,
the nature of our business dictates that we will be required to send large emails periodically. Due to the constraints of our outgoing pipe however, for the other 90% of the time I would prefer outgoing emails to remain below 4mb.

As I can't set a strict limit, I really need to work on raising user's awareness - most of the people sending 25mb mails don't actually realise it's that large. I was told by another admin in conversation that there is a plugin for Exchange which will send an alert popup to the user when they compose a mail larger than <xx> megabytes - this limit can be preset. Tried Google for it but not having any luck, does anyone know the name of this plugin or a similar product?



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