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ahmedmmd -> Exchange 2003 Installaltion (8.Mar.2006 11:23:37 AM)


Our existing Exchange Server 2003 Standard Edition on domain controller which is Windows 2000 Advanced Sever, we are experience the problem while opening the mail. Now we decided to install the exchange server on the another server. Please would anyone explain me how can I install the new exchange server 2003 and also move the mail boxes to new exchange server without any problem to the users. The existing domain controller should be same as the DC only.

pjhutch -> RE: Exchange 2003 Installaltion (8.Mar.2006 2:37:56 PM)

Are you using a different server name or the same server name?
If a different name, then just install Exchange on new server as normal with service packs, then create the Storage Group(s) and store(s) on new server and configure settings as the old server. Then use AD Users and Computers, Exchange Tasks, Move Mailbox to migrate mailboxes across.
Outlook profiles may need updating to point to the new server and if they use OWA, they should be told of the new URL address (unless you use a generic dns name to point to new server).

If installing with the same Exchange server, backup the existing Exchange databases, shutdown the existing server, name new server as the old server, add to the domain (reset the existing Computer Account - do not delete),
install Exchange using the /DisasterRecovery switch, install SPs, and restore the databases to the new server.

ahmedmmd -> RE: Exchange 2003 Installaltion (13.Mar.2006 7:59:11 AM)

Thank you, actually our existing exchange server 2003  on domain controller we would like to remove exchange server from DC and install the exchange server on different server. Would you please tell me the procedure after the installation of new exchange server how to migrate the mailbox to new server and remove the exchange from the DC.

Xguru -> RE: Exchange 2003 Installaltion (13.Mar.2006 8:45:53 AM)

Install exchange on the new server by joining the existing ORG and First Admin group.

Service pack the new server (OS and Exchange) to the same level as that of the old box.

open exchange system manager and move all mailboxes by selecting them / right click / exchange tasks and move mailbox to new server.

Once this is done you need to replicate public folders by adding additional replicas to the new server (inclusing system fodlers) and when all is done, insert the exchange cd on the old box and run an uninstall of that server.

Keep in handy the disaster recovery white paper.


parmi -> RE: Exchange 2003 Installaltion (14.Mar.2006 11:42:07 AM)


After bringing up the new Exchange Server in same ORG, First move all the mailboxes. the tough part is to move or replicate all the public folders. There is one utility (pfmigrate.wsf) which works really well ( hxxp:// ).

another very usefull too is MBCONN ( hxxp:// ) you can use this tool if you just have a good online backup of ur current database and restore it on a new server using RSG (which is introduced in exch 2003) and then connecting all those mailboxes to their respective users using MBCONN.

also uninstalling or completely taking off your current exch 2000 server, Please check if no other service is dependant on that server (e.g. RUS, OAL's, Connectors, Routing groups etc.) COZ during uninstall of exch 2000 it will not prompt or tell you about the dependencies if it has any, unlike in Exch 2003 where is does prompt.

Hope this info will help you in most of your current issue.

Thanks & regards

degradable -> RE: Exchange 2003 Installaltion (14.Mar.2006 12:22:42 PM)

All the above information  is contained in this reference.  Obviously it references 2003 but all is applicable to 2000
Remember to get the connector and any Firewall/relay that you have in DMZ etc factored into the move.
Take the opportunity to get  aclear out of users data if they will before you do the move.  Saves significant time and effort.

ahmedmmd -> RE: Exchange 2003 Installaltion (7.May2006 8:35:15 AM)


Now, I have the hardware HP DL-380 Dual Processor, 4 GB RAM and 6 SCSI Hard Disk 72GB, which RAID system is adviseable to implement on this server for the good and fast performance of the exchange server. Would anyone please advice me.

pjhutch -> RE: Exchange 2003 Installaltion (7.May2006 4:02:11 PM)

I would spli the disks so that 2 disks are Mirrored and 4 disks used for RAID 5 for the Exchange databases for max fault tolerance and performance.
The mirrored disks can be partitioned into C: and D: where C: contans OS and programs and D: for the EXchange transaction logs. Logs will need to be seperate from databases and don't need RAID 5.

ahmedmmd -> RE: Exchange 2003 Installaltion (8.May2006 8:31:43 AM)

Thank you very much for the useful information.
1.How much disk space I have to use the for the OS and programs and LOG files. Shall I use 30GB for C: for OS and Programs and 37GB for D: for LOG files.
2. We have Exchange 2003 on the DC  Windows 2000 Adv. Server. Now want to install the exchange server 2003 on Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition. what are the steps have taken to install the new exchange 2003 and then remove the existing Exchange 2003 from the DC and the migrate the existing mailboxes to the new server. We have IMF installed on the Exchange 2003.  

pjhutch -> RE: Exchange 2003 Installaltion (8.May2006 1:18:19 PM)

1. Depending on number of mailboxes and how big you are willing to let the logs get, 30GB or so should be more than enough.

2. You need to migrate mailboxes and public/system folders across, IM, Connectors and DNS settings to new server.

ahmedmmd -> RE: Exchange 2003 Installaltion (9.May2006 7:56:50 AM)

Thanks, Should I follow the same instructions and procedure as installing the new exchange 2003 server. Run the forestprep and domainprep then start the installation of the exchange 2003.

pjhutch -> RE: Exchange 2003 Installaltion (9.May2006 11:07:04 AM)

If you are adding another Exchange server then you do not need to run ForestPrep or DomainPrep again as they are a once only task.

ahmedmmd -> RE: Exchange 2003 Installaltion (9.May2006 3:47:03 PM)

If I create three partition on mirrored volume C:System, D:Programs and E:Logs, is it adviseable or not.

pjhutch -> RE: Exchange 2003 Installaltion (10.May2006 11:35:24 AM)

That is ok.

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