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ijaved -> OWA Allow Non-SSL (12.Mar.2006 1:47:50 PM)

Hi guys,

I wanted to test out the FBA, I need some help with configuring the non-ssl. As i know for ssl you need to configure the certification. Read the article on it by Henrik which is very helpfull.

So the question is where in regedit you modify to allow non-ssl connection ? "where? & how?".

I think I saw regarding this somewhere in the thread but was unable to find it so had to post a new thread.

Would like to thank you guys in advance.

leederbyshire -> RE: OWA Allow Non-SSL (12.Mar.2006 2:03:19 PM)

Add a DWORD reg value named AllowRetailHTTPAuth under the following key:


set it's value to 1.  Then stop/start the WWW service.

ijaved -> RE: OWA Allow Non-SSL (12.Mar.2006 3:49:52 PM)

Thanks Leederbyshire for your prompt reply.

Just a quick question .. i think i know the answer.. if i wana disable it ? i would just delete the DWORD i created or put the value as 0 right?

leederbyshire -> RE: OWA Allow Non-SSL (12.Mar.2006 5:07:13 PM)

I don't know.  I guess either would work, but I've never tried.

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