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seyah -> Outbound mail stuck in queue (16.Mar.2006 11:54:14 PM)

Have an Exchange 2003 server behind an ISA 2000 server and all outbound mail gets stuck in the SMTP Queue.  Diagnostic message is "the remote site has dropped the connection".  Have telnet with same result.  Have tried SMTPdiag with same result.  We have confirmed reverse dns lookup, dns is resolving correctly.  Can receive  external mail, send/receive internal mail no problem.

About to go no alcoholic binge.  Please save my liver.

AdminFix -> RE: Outbound mail stuck in queue (18.Mar.2006 1:14:29 AM)

I guess the Outbound SMTP Rules may have an Issue. Check in the monitoring logs if the it says default rules dropped the SMTP connection.
There is a ISA Best Practices Analyzer which could tell you more about it. Let's See.

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