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IT53 -> Exmerge pst 2GB size limit? (21.Mar.2006 11:35:54 PM)

Setup: Exch2k3 sp1 on win2k3 sp1, multihomed-singleserver on AD domain.
I have enabled journaling as per company policy.The journaling is setup to capture all mail sent and recieved by the mail store to a single mailbox. The journaling mailbox is now at approximately 8GB (70,000 mails)... this has grown from 0 in roughly 6 months.

Tried ExMerge to export a .pst file and then clean up the journaling mailbox. It crapped out at roughly the 2 GB limit mentioned elswhere and in this forum at:

Question1) Can I somehow change the limit?

My option is to create a pst via Outlook 2003 (which I am sure the pst size limit is significantly larger than the older 2GB limit), but come to find out that ExMerge cannot import a pst that was created by Outlook due to file differences. So how would I remount an individual mailbox back into the mail store if necessary... copy all the mail from the pst to an ost of the mailbox via Outlook? this seems a cumbersome and time consuming task considering what needs to be done.

I use NTbackup and ExMerge for store level and brick level backups and archives. I realize that 8GB is large relative to 5 years ago, but not anymore. There just doesn't seem to be any graceful way of offloading a large journaling mailbox for archiving, and I don't see this as an all too rare situation. This also seems vaguely important enough to warrant a clear solution applied directly on the server and not dependent on client side apps.

Question 2) Anyone have any recommendation other than 3rd party software to archive a large individual mailbox that should be ready to import back into the mail store at any time?

Thanks for any help.

uemurad -> RE: Exmerge pst 2GB size limit? (21.Mar.2006 11:55:06 PM)

Sorry - 2GB is still the limit for ExMerge.  Outlook 2003 is your best bet for exporting.  I've used a really ugly way using ExMerge if you are desparate.

Yes, you'll probably need to import it back using Outlook, especially if it's bigger than 2GB.

IT53 -> RE: Exmerge pst 2GB size limit? (22.Mar.2006 12:17:18 AM)

It just blows my mind that certain aspects of Exch2k3 conform to today's paradigm of near-limitless memory, whereas others seem to have been developed by time-capsuled 64k programers.

Thanks for the confirmation, and yes... I would like to read your solution. The uglier the better!

uemurad -> RE: Exmerge pst 2GB size limit? (22.Mar.2006 1:49:07 AM)

Don't say I didn't warn you!!

Using ExMerge, you have to set the Import Procedure to Archive data to target store.  This removes the messages from the mailbox as it goes.
You have to watch two files.  The PST file size and the size of the ExMerge.Log file.  When the PST file gets close to 2GB, start watching the log file.  It's size will grow quickly when it puts a log entry for every message that won't fit in the PST file.  When that happens, kill the ExMerge program.  Rename the PST file.  Start the process again.

I think the biggest mailbox I did using that method was 5GB (3 parts).  Gives me the shivers just thinking about it...

Xguru -> RE: Exmerge pst 2GB size limit? (22.Mar.2006 2:04:09 AM)

Very odd method... but i guess since you have tried it, its s sure way out...


Mamu -> RE: Exmerge pst 2GB size limit? (22.Mar.2006 7:56:45 PM)

export the file in a unicode format.Ansi code has 2gb limit.Unicode doesn't

Xguru -> RE: Exmerge pst 2GB size limit? (22.Mar.2006 8:33:22 PM)

Manu this would work if the PST is created from outlook 2003 and provided the PST was created in unicode format.

Exmerge would still fail as it does not support unicode or non-ansi format.

I would still go with uemurad method.


Pantherfan -> RE: Exmerge pst 2GB size limit? (22.Mar.2006 10:35:46 PM)

anyone tried creating  a blank pst file first using outlook2003 with the name of the account, then copying that to the machine doing the exmerge and allowing it to write into that already created pst file?

uemurad -> RE: Exmerge pst 2GB size limit? (22.Mar.2006 10:42:12 PM)

Not sure what you have in mind.  ExMerge will still choke when the PST file grows to 2GB.

zeilstar -> RE: Exmerge pst 2GB size limit? (15.Dec.2010 10:11:29 AM)

I know this thread is really old, but for someone who doesn't deal with Exchange regularly the following might be helpful.

It took me awhile and a lot of searching to figure out that filter settings could be set in ExMerge.ini. Not only was I able to select just the folders I wanted, but also certain date ranges. Because of this I was able to keep my .pst files under the 2GB limitation.

(Using Exchange 2003)

Ellinor -> RE: Exmerge pst 2GB size limit? (14.Jan.2012 5:25:46 AM)

There are some advance applications available in the market which don't have such size limitation problems. One such efficacious tool is here that effectively handles such limitations of MS Exchange Server: http://bit.ly/1P7P9hF

This software scans the database deeply and export exchange mailboxes into individual .pst files.

Eric321 -> RE: Exmerge pst 2GB size limit? (6.Feb.2012 8:19:49 AM)

Thanks Ellinor.


christabeel -> RE: Exmerge pst 2GB size limit? (18.Mar.2016 1:55:03 PM)

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sentluis31 -> RE: Exmerge pst 2GB size limit? (21.Apr.2016 5:42:45 AM)

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