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Mamu -> Event ID 1025 Error: 0x4dd (23.Mar.2006 9:31:34 PM)

i am seeing the warning event id 1025
An error occurred on database "Storage Group\mailbox store".
Function name or description of problem:EcGenerateNDR:
For more information,click http://www.microsoft.com/Contentredirect.asp.

Mamu -> RE: Event ID 1025 Error: 0x4dd (24.Mar.2006 4:22:50 PM)

anybody seen this issue

Mamu -> RE: Event ID 1025 Error: 0x4dd (27.Mar.2006 5:46:53 PM)

Any body has a solution??

Henrik Walther -> RE: Event ID 1025 Error: 0x4dd (27.Mar.2006 10:49:49 PM)

This may help:

http://www.eventid.net/display.asp?eventid=1025&eventno=1701&source=MSExchangeIS Mailbox Store&phase=1

johnny_mango -> RE: Event ID 1025 Error: 0x4dd (23.Apr.2008 4:47:01 PM)

Iīve got the same error on an unclustered mailbox server without any other roles. Server is installed on Windows Server 2003 R2 EE with SP2. Exchange 2007 SP1.

Also, clients on this database are seeing the error:
This message cannot be delivered, put yourself in contact with the administrator et c etc 0x8004060c-00000000-00000000

Have just re-synced the w32 time service as per Henrikīs link, will let you know if anything happens.

I believe the client-side error is caused by having a grossly over-filled mailbox, as the user imported a 1Gb pst to a mailbox with a 50Mb limit. Also, I added a test user in the same database, and it is working fine, so I guess the database isnīt corrupted.

madcow -> RE: Event ID 1025 Error: 0x4dd (6.Aug.2009 8:53:40 AM)


See here ...

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