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Ambictus -> HELPP!!!! IP/NAT problems (4.Apr.2006 7:44:51 PM)

I'm only posting this here because it's on my exchange server and I need up it BADLY.

For some strange reason my Win2K3 server running exchange has decided it doesn't want to access the internet(making e-mail rather difficult). I have it setup running an internal IP of then in my router I have one-to-one NAT setup. This has been working flawlessly until friday(when of course I was out of town). For some reason the connection dropped and I can't get the server back online. Internal e-mail works great, but it seems that the server doesn't like the NAT. I know it's the NAT because I can assign the live IP to my server and it will hook up to the net fine. I accomplish this by putting a switch in front of the router then hooking the server up to the switch setting it up on the live DSL line. Once it has the live IP in it the server hooks up to the internet just fine and then sends and receives mail. The only problem with leaving it like this is that now my only option would be to use pop3 instead of just hooking it up as an exchange server(unless there's someway I can do this that I don't know about). Also I've tried setting the server up as DHCP then setting the IP statically to the MAC address. Still nothing.

If any of this makes sense I would appreciate the help!

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