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zenasprime -> Adding Users (5.Apr.2006 5:58:48 PM)

Hi, I'm new to Exchange and SBS management and I would like to ask for some help with an issue I have been having with a SBS Exchange server.

I have an existing server set up that is currently hosting about 15 users.  I was asked to add an additional 5 users to the system so that they could log in to the file server and recieve email at the company domain through their existing Exchange server.  I have added the new users and they are able to log into the network just fine.  The problem I am having, however, is that when the new users launch Outlook and begin the set up process by entering the Exchange server info and their user name, they get an error that reads "The name could not be matched to a name in the address list."

I must be missing something because all the new users have been set up in the same manner as the current users.  Is there an additional field someplace where their username has to be added so that the Exchange server knows they are to access their mailbox?

Can someone please help me out here.



zenasprime -> RE: Adding Users (10.Apr.2006 4:44:50 PM)

Isn't there anyone out there that can help me with adding users?

consultOz -> RE: Adding Users (11.Apr.2006 8:24:56 PM)

did you created MAIL boxes, for these users,
make a right click on one of the user, you have created and select Exchange task,
Click nex
Create Mailbox

Now your users, have mailboxes go to properties of this account and verify Exchange attributes
has been populated, and RUS(recepient update policy) has already stamp this user with a valid SMTP Proxy address.

after   you verify this, go to outlook and try to  set the user


zenasprime -> RE: Adding Users (12.Apr.2006 1:16:04 AM)

Let me see if I can give that a try.  Thanks!  Keep your fingers crossed...

zenasprime -> RE: Adding Users (19.Apr.2006 8:37:10 PM)

Okay I gave your suggestion a try.  Unfortunately, when I right clicked on the user and selected Exchange task, I was not presented with an option to "create mailbox".  There was, however, an option to delete the mailbox, which lead me to believe that they were already created.  I then tried to restart the Exchange server and eventually the RUS(?) but the  users were still unable to connect to their mailbox.  In the end, I rebooted the computer.  After the reboot, users were now able to connect to their mailbox.  There was one unnerving moment during the reboot process where I was presented with a warning that some services didn't start up properly and the logs show a number of critical errors.  Fortunately, everything seems to be working so I left it at that.  I would like to investigate these erros at some point in the future but I dont want to screw too much with a machine that is in use.

Thanks for the help.


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