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moondoggie -> view active threads? (5.Apr.2006 7:01:23 PM)

what is the best way to view my active threads?  am i just supposed to subscribe to every thread i post or something like that?

Michael Vella -> RE: view active threads? (6.Apr.2006 9:48:10 AM)

Hi. If you go into your profile you can select: "Always Subscribe to threads when I post" which is in you Posting Preferences. Alternatively if you'd like to see your most recent posts you can go into your profile and click on the link: View my Profile, which is right next to your name.

You can also use the search option to search for the most active threads limiting the search to only the forums you are subscribed to.

moondoggie -> RE: view active threads? (6.Apr.2006 4:07:44 PM)

it seems like there should be a link that just brings up my active threads like all the other forums have, but if this works that will be ok for me.

my next question, is there a way to see just the posts since my last visit?  i don't want to sound lazy, but it's nice to see the threads on one set of pages instead of going back and forth from forum to main page etc.

Michael Vella -> RE: view active threads? (10.Apr.2006 9:55:05 AM)

On the front page of the forums you can scroll down till you get to the Forum Statistics box. There you have an option of viewing posts since last visit.

ganeshexchange -> RE: view active threads? (28.Jul.2009 9:41:46 AM)

Hi Micheal ,
                I am new to this forum ,could you please tell me how do we create a new thread to discuss some of my issues .


Barbara Matysik Magro -> RE: view active threads? (29.Jul.2009 10:08:21 AM)

Hi Ganesh,
In order to create a new thread you have to log in, choose the forum relevant to the issues you want to discuss, and in the top part of the page you should find "New Post" button. Just click it, type your post and submit.
I hope this helps.

ganeshexchange -> RE: view active threads? (30.Jul.2009 6:28:21 AM)

Thanks For your reply Barbara . I have also Started Posting my issues in this forum .[;)]

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