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Domino_Admin -> 70-284 or 70-285 in a month (7.Apr.2006 5:35:51 PM)

Hi All,

As my login name suggest, I am an Admin/Sr. Programmer for Lotus Notes Domino from past 7 years. Recently my company has decided to go to Exchange 2003.

The only way I could save my job, is to prove my expertise in Exchange.

I know very little about Exchange and I would like to take at least one of the certification in a month time.

Will you please suggest some books, links, video, training which could help me to pass this exam.

Some people may not like this approach but gotta do it, means do it.

Thanks in Advance!!!

Henrik Walther -> RE: 70-284 or 70-285 in a month (10.Apr.2006 11:46:11 AM)

Below links contains great info on what you need to know as well as links to good resources:

70-284 Exam Study Notes:

70-285 Exam Study Notes:

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