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BenyG -> EAS (Exchange Archive Solution) Archive Retrievial Problems (10.Apr.2006 6:39:06 PM)

Dear all,

I have found it difficult to find help on this solution as it is so specific. I have been asked to finish the setup of our EAS server despite having no training whatsoever due to a member of staff leaving. The problem I have is that I get an error message stating that the email has been archived but is not available on-line to any email that is not in the mailbox as the profile (for example an additionall mailbox added to a profile) when trying to retrieve a EAS message from within Outlook.

I have tested the same acc and when it is loaaded in its own profile it works fine.

Another issue is that the offline EAS store only gets updated with emails that are in the email profile too - so only the 1 acc can be made available offline without creating many profiles.

I am sure that there is information that is required from the setup of it so please feel free to ask - as I do not know what is relavant I will stop myself from posting a few pages of information!

For clarification, I am speaking for the EAS provided by Zantaz, following their buy out of Educom.

Thanks for any help,

gpace -> RE: EAS (Exchange Archive Solution) Archive Retrievial Problems (20.Apr.2006 4:14:19 PM)


I am an EAS reseller in the states. Let me  give you a little background first.

EAS applies rights based on Exchange. If  you have Exchange 2000/2003 EAS will not pick up rights granted from the exchange side unless you have a specific configuration in place. Let me get some more info

1. What version(s) of exchange
2. AD or NT4
3. Rights granted through exchange or Outlook?
4. Does this need to be granted enterprise wide or a one off basis.
5. What version of EAS

The good news is that this is an easy fix.


BenyG -> RE: EAS (Exchange Archive Solution) Archive Retrievial Problems (27.Apr.2006 3:54:21 PM)

Dear Grady,

Thank you for your message.

EAS gets its premissions from a specific user name that was created. - the login details were given during setup.
The rights for the account have been set at an information store level - it has been granted full control.

1. Exchange 2003 V6.5.7226.0 SP1
2. AD
3. Rights granted through Exchange as detailed above.
4. We only have 1 domain and when permissions are given to the information store level it inherits down to all the mailboxes.
5. EAS V4.2.0.46



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