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Cala90210 -> Intelligent Message Filter (22.Apr.2006 11:52:23 AM)


I have a SBS2003 Premium SP2 server with Exchange SP2
Downloaded and installed the IMF filter.
If i go into exchange system manager, global settings and properties of mesage delivery, i can see the new tab "Intelligent Message Filtering". We can do settings en save them.
But if i look under Servers, "MyMailServer", protocols, SMTP, i don't see a node saying "Intelligent Message Filtering".  And that is just the place where IMF should be enabled.

Anyone an idea of what could have gone wrong ? or how i can correct this problem ?
Reinstalling the IMF didn't solve it.

Cala90210 -> RE: Intelligent Message Filter (22.Apr.2006 5:02:53 PM)


Found out that IMF is installed automaticly with exchange SP2. So i uninstalled IMF v1 and reapplied SP2 for exchange. My archive directory was not created during installation of IMF (SP2). So i created a regkey to "change" my archive (filtered mails) directory. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Exchange\ContentFilter,  there i made a new StringValue "ArchiveDir" en editted the value data in for example. C:\Archive
Now everything works fine, my incoming mails are "checked" when they arrive at the frontdoor of my exchange server, if there no good they go to my seperate folder which i will be checking on a weekly basis. I use IMFAM (Internet Message Filter Archive Manager) to check my filtered emails.

Cala90210 -> RE: Intelligent Message Filter (22.Apr.2006 5:14:19 PM)


Everything is still working fine.
Only one annoying thing, a typicaly microsoft problem. (i think)
My spam is indeed filtered better now. But what is also filtered are my "warning mails" of my own server ! You now the mails you can set is SBS2003, monitoring, send me Performance alerts by email,  to say if things go wrong.
Like for example "System Up Time Alert on SERVER1","Alert on SERVER1 at 4/22/2006 4:40:56 PM" from "Administrator" to an internal adress like

How can i avoid that these mails are filtered by IMF ?

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