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jstuartza -> Pop Connector & SSL mail (22.Apr.2006 8:01:46 PM)

Hello, I've been trying to get mail from an SSL pop mailbox (GMAIL as a matter of fact) and it only allows SSL connections on port 995, now I've tried changing the pot on the pop connector to 995 to no avail. Is this actually possible? or do I need to get a 3rd party pop connector like popbeamer or such much? I'm running SBS 2K3 Premium SP1 with Exchange SP2 and ISA 2004 SP2. The server downloads normal pop mail (non SSL) but just doesnt connect to the gmaili one, the event log gives me 3 errors relating to this.  1st error

ID 1036
An error occurred during a POP3 transaction to server <pop.gmail.com [username]>. The error is 10065 (A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable host.

2nd error
ID 1023

The downloading process for mailbox <username [pop.gmail.com]> was ended with one or more errors.

3rd error
ID 1019

The message download process finished with one or more errors.

The last 2 seem to be normal errors related to this so I basically ignore them.

zeekonijn -> RE: Pop Connector & SSL mail (30.Apr.2006 10:27:32 AM)

The best I found on this issue is this, but it involves installing crap . I'll give it a try and post the results.

But maybe there are more hygenic solutions, that would be great.

zeekonijn -> RE: Pop Connector & SSL mail (30.Apr.2006 11:19:48 AM)

Works. You need to make stunnel be loaded at startup, it takes about 4MB of RAM and no significant CPU usage. This may be a serious solution after all.

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