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webhead -> After Migration Archive Error (25.Apr.2006 11:07:48 PM)

Just finished migrating our Exchange 5.5 installation to Exchange2003. Moved our share containing archive/bvackup folders also. For some reason now Outlook can no longer auto-archive. Our PST files on the new server appear to have adequate permissions but the folder they're in is marked "read only" and refuses to not be.

I've tried several approaches to remove the read-only attribute but cannot.

This may have nothing to do with Exchange or even SBS2003, but I didn't know where else to look.

webhead -> Cannot Archive PST on Network (15.Dec.2006 2:00:31 PM)

Finally found out why this was a problem and thought I'd share.

As I understand it Microsoft no longer allows a PST to reside on a network share. That's such a bizarre concept to me I never even considered it. But once I pointed Outlook to a PST on the local drive archiving worked fine again.

Hopefully this helps someone else who is banging their head against the wall. And if anyone knows a workaround to this "feature" please let me know!

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