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nhtvn -> Error with Empty Delete Items Folder (4.May2006 6:15:52 AM)

Hi all,

We are using Exchange 2000 (FE-BE topology).  I have a few users who access their mail thru
OWA.  There are a hand full of users, who, when clicking on the "empty
deleted items" icon to clean out there deleted items folder get the following
error msg, "An error occurred while trying to empty the Deleted Items
folder".  They then have to go into the Deleted Items folder and manually
select the messages, then hit the delete key to remove them.  This only
happens to a hand full of users.  Can anyone tell me what to look for to
clear this problem up? Thanks so much.

pyle02 -> RE: Error with Empty Delete Items Folder (11.May2006 9:43:21 PM)

I don't if it applies here as I am not very savy on OWA 2000, but I was having the same issue with OWA 2003.  Like you, I became very frustrated because I could find nothing that addressed this problem.  The resolution was S/Mime security.  The users that were able to empty thier mailbox had downloaded the S/Mime security update in the options section.  I tested my theory on a few PC's and it fixed it everytime.  Like I said, I don't know if you can have that option in OWA 2000, but if you do its worth a shot.

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