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apwvand -> Send on behalf problem (4.May2006 8:38:19 PM)


Our company did a migration from 5.5 to 2003 for 10.000 users.
Everything looks alright but we have a problem with the "Send on behalf"right.
Normally the owner of an functional mailbox can give someone else via Outlook the Send on Behalf rights.
If he want to give someone these rights it syays that he doesn't have the rights.
Strange because we made him the owner of the functional mailbox.
Now we have to do it at Active Directory instead of the owner can do this within outlook.

Does somebody now tho solve this problem?

Thanks verry much


Henrik Walther -> RE: Send on behalf problem (5.May2006 7:29:38 PM)

In Exchange 2003 you do this via AD.

apwvand -> RE: Send on behalf problem (5.May2006 9:41:06 PM)

Thanks for the answer but you are saying that the clients can't give each other rights within outlook if the client is the owner of the functional mailbox?
Strange to me.
I didn't know that Send on behalf right must be given within AD.

Henrik Walther -> RE: Send on behalf problem (6.May2006 3:55:38 PM)

Sorry I read your question way too fast, of course you can set Send on behalf permissions via the Outlook client (I thought about Send As permissions which are very different [:D]).

What the exact error message when trying to do so? And are there any related events logged in the event log on the Exchange server?

apwvand -> RE: Send on behalf problem (6.May2006 9:54:13 PM)

Thanks Henrik Walther

I'll be back on monday for the information of the event vieuwer

apwvand -> RE: Send on behalf problem (8.May2006 4:08:58 PM)


The owner of the functional mailbox gives his college the rights on the head of the mailbox and also at the level of inbox, sent items etc.
Then when the college add the mailbox to his own mailbox he sees all the folders.
But when he send an email from that box, it's send as his own private box.
We made a seperate profiel for the functional mailbox.
When he opens it, he get an error that all the maps can't be opend and does not have the rights for it.
In the eventvieuwer I coulnd't find anything about this problem.

T_M_P -> RE: Send on behalf problem (8.May2006 4:38:24 PM)

Sorry Guys but for what I know, the only way you can set the Send on Behalf is in AD in the Exchange General Tab.

From the Outlook client you can set the partial delegation (for example Calendar and so on), but for the send you need AD.

apwvand -> RE: Send on behalf problem (8.May2006 8:11:01 PM)

I really don't think so.

apwvand -> RE: Send on behalf problem (8.May2006 9:54:55 PM)


I think that it isn't right you said.

Look at :

They are talking about:

How to Use Outlook to Give a User the Ability to Send Mail on Your Behalf

So it must be possible within outlook

Another site tels me:

Send As vs. Send on Behalf Of
There are actually two different permissions that let you send from another mailbox. The Delegates tab procedure in the previous section grants "Send on Behalf Of" permission. The other similar permission, which can be granted only by the Exchange Server administrator, is called "Send As."

So send on behalf must be possible from outlook and SEND AS only from AD

At least:

Sending mail on behalf of another user Exchange allows you to send mail on behalf of another user. When the mail is sent, the From field is marked " Sent by X on behalf of Y"
Two stages need to happen. First the person who wishes to have mail sent on behalf of them, needs to provide the appropriate permissions. Then the person sending the email needs to create the mail, and change the from address.
Step 1: The person granting permission
  1. In Outlook, click Tools then Options.
  2. Select the Delegates tab
  3. Click [Add], and then find the user that you wish to give permission to. They must be an Exchange user. Click [Ok].
  4. Select the user, and the select [Permissions]. There are three levels of access: Reviewer, Author and Editor.
  5. To allow someone to send on behalf of you, they should have either an Author or an Editor on the Inbox option.
  6. Click [OK] and then [OK] again to save the changes.

T_M_P -> RE: Send on behalf problem (9.May2006 12:06:42 PM)

Great! ;)

Another new thing... [8D]

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