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gdude66 -> .local domain (5.May2006 1:33:36 PM)

I have a local corporate domain which is domain.local and an external purchased domain name of domain.com
If I set up exchange  on the internal network and run OWA etc through an ISA server using split DNS then what should my mailboxes be in active directory? domain.local or domain.com?

Also how does alias work? If I log in to the domain as top0002 and want my email address to be steve.topper@domain.com then what do the settings have to be in AD?

Henrik Walther -> RE: .local domain (5.May2006 7:26:14 PM)

Un order ti use another domain than the .local domain for SMTP purposes, simply add the respective domain to your Recipient Policy. For details on how to do so see:

Hosting Multiple SMTP Domains on Exchange 2000:

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